Target, release, experiment.

Supercharge your application features and gain the control and confidence you need to rollout better software faster.

Featureflow makes feature flags simple.

Release and control features across the full application stack.

Feature Management


Rollout Management

Feature Targeting

Variant Testing

Feature Management

Separate code deployment from feature release. Manage features on multiple projects and multiple environments from your own local environment through to dev, test and production using feature flags.

Realtime Environment and Component Inventory

Know instantly when features become available in an environment with real time availability updates. As soon as its released, you’ll know its ready to turn on

Gradual Rollouts

Gradually release a new feature to users to reduce risk and evaluate performance or release multiple variants of a feature at once

Rollout plans

Migrate your entire environment feature state across environments to easily enable rollout schemes. Rollback simply by enabling the previous scheme.

Feature Targeting rules

Target your features and feature variants to a single user, a group of users, a country, or any other variable you wish to. For example, enable new features to ‘beta’ users only.

Multi-variant A/B Tests and Experiments

Run ab tests between feature variants. Evaluate the effectiveness then migrate to the winner. Compare multiple variants of a feature against each other, get insights over the lifetime of your experiment for valuable insights.

Team Management

Invite new users and manage the permissions they have across environments. Allow only selected users to manage specific features.

Small Teams

Adopt a lean feature-first continuous deployment, all the way from your local environment to production, without fear.

Large Teams

Coordinate features across multiple platforms.
Featureflow is the glue that brings your product owners, devops, devs and external teams together.

full-stack and multi-language SDKs

featureflow SDKs are available in java, javascript, nodejs, .net, ruby, go, elixir, erlang, android, ios, react, angular and more..

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Featureflow gives you complete control of your features to allow you to confidently release, evaluate and iterate.
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